With gloomy thoughts, a wounded mind, and brisking feet, I accidentally hit another person on the way expecting I will spit out all my anger on him for this.
But suddenly the person turned to me and said: “I am Sorry!”
Wait-a-second! I felt like I wasn’t prepared for this, but it helped me feel better, at least for a while. I kept walking further and I encountered an innocence on a child’s face which made me believe that we need more of this!

I don’t know why but I have seen many, who advise that one should always clog their mind with crude bitterness.

They say the world is harsh and you should always be in a position where you can throw back the harshness, saying the world deserves this as if you’re just reflecting the things back that you never carried.


Rage and Innocence - The two kinds!

1915, one of the crucial events in the history of the world, known to bring about a time of great depression and extreme anger. Blood spilt over the grounds, people raged to wipe out the humanity and innocence from the world, never thought that the great Charlie Chaplin’s acts at that time will bless them with a moment of laughter and relief…”
It is doubtful that any individual has ever given more entertainment, pleasure, and relief to so many human beings when they needed it the most”.

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