Hey there! Its great to know you got yourself into writing your brewing thoughts? Being a writer, you always expect to have something handy that allows you to write on-the-go.

I researched and researched for almost 3 months to find out what works better for writing? A Netbook, an Ultra-portable Notebook or an iPad.


Image Source: The Verge

As the name suggests, they are internet-books, meant for internet browsing mainly. A Netbook is known to run on a not-so-fast (sometimes frustratingly slow!) processor that eventually hampers your multitasking works such as opening multiple tabs, viewing high graphics web-page etc., with few advantages such as good battery life and portability.

Netbooks are just fine when you intend to do some basic document work like working on Ms-Word, creating PowerPoint presentations, a quick internet browsing…burrrp!…Had enough, don’t expect beyond this!

Ultra-portable Notebooks!

Before I go further into this, I want to clarify that when I say Ultra-portable, I don’t mean the ones that can be rotated to 360° to be called as a Tablet, but it includes Notebooks which, as the name suggests, are Ultra-portable, has an impressive battery life and, most important, runs a high-end processor, making it a perfect travel companion. The only problem with Ultra-portable notebooks is they are Pricey!


Now coming to iPad, what makes iPad a perfect device for writing?cover (1)

iPad 9.7” and above have a good-sized onscreen keyboard which when acquainted is really good for writing. My only intention to buy iPad was more of reading and an intermittent writing, but after buying it, I got more into writing with no second thought of buying a physical keyboard to ease my writing work as I still enjoy the on-screen typing.

iOS9 on iPad featured the split-screen functionality which allows you to browse and write at the same time. Not all apps work in split-screen, but I just love the feature as it allows me to Google and write simultaneously.

The split-screen feature got another groundbreaking push through iOS11 which added the drag-and-drop function for images over split-screen. Though this function doesn’t work with some apps like Quora, it is fully functional with Google Docs.

iPads features in support of writing…

  • iPads (the iPad Air and later) weigh not more than a pound. So, whenever and wherever thought strikes you can just take out your iPad, find a corner and start working on it.
  • iPads are absolutely great in terms of battery life. A fully charged iPad will easily last up to 9-10 hrs of web-browsing.
  • Make sure: If you’re planning to write directly on blogger, you cannot. Google hasn’t released any blogging app on iPad platform, so you’ll have to write in the app like Note, Apple’s very own app for note taking, or in any other app available in the App Store such as Pages, Google Docs or Microsoft Word which can be downloaded for free.

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