I am a man who is learning to survive in the cold darkness of the Vault.

I was just another working man, who left a wife and a 3-year-old child behind and arrived in this town to earn a penny.  That ruthless storm left us in misery, but the pain I am tolerating now is crumbling me bit by bit.

The last words I heard in my consciousness were “This will get over soon, and you can go back to your family with a good amount of money.”

“We are just trying our new medicine that, which if worked well, will benefit the mankind to a great level.”

And then, the images in front of my eyes started to fade gradually, and I got up in this poorly lit, damped room with no clothes on my body. The smell around is damp and nauseating.

I shouted and shouted for long, but nobody responded.

I had no choice but to kill the hopes that one day my sufferings will just disappear.

I was clueless about the time I’ve been pushed into this metal vault. There is no one out there to take care of my family. I cannot lose hope. I must find the way to get out of this.

I decided to remain silent for a day assuming they will consider me dead and will do a check-in.

A thudding sound twice was a hint that somebody is walking into the vault. I laid down on the floor just to give a thought that I am dead.

I was lying down facing the other side. A sound of footsteps gave a final idea that somebody is in. But what I heard later was something absolutely difficult to absorb. The person, walked in, was repeating those words again and again.

“There is no one here!”

In a lying position, I turned my head in the direction of the voice. Face-Masked men were standing at the entrance.

As the place was poorly lit, I cannot see them clearly but their trembling voices were clearly audible. “We should notify this to the boss immediately, the man has disappeared.”

I slowly made a stand. But this didn’t give them any hint of my presence. With a tip-toe movement I escaped through a gap they left in between.

Taking the upstairs I reached the main hall, the same hall where I was brought before I was thrown down into that cage.

There was a mirror at one corner of the room.

With a soft-feet, I walked towards it. I closed my eyes before I reveal the truth. I stood exactly in front of the mirror with my eyes closed.

Putting all my heart & soul and accumulating all my energy I slowly opened my eyes to visualise nothing but a wall and a window at the back covering every inch of the mirror, but no sign of my presence.

Short Story - A Man in a Vault!

I shouted to the loudest in my voice. I was scared and excited, the two emotions were rushing down through every nerve of my body!

“I am impenetrable now!”


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