Exercise or Workout! Know what you’re doing!

The two terms, often used synonymously, has a difference with little overlap.

Exercise: Stretching your muscles to release the strain of an hour-long sitting, can be called as Exercise. Simply saying, Exercise keeps you active, and healthy if done regularly with little dedication and time.

Workout: A workout is a broader picture of exercise requiring a lot of diligence and discipline. It is usually done in the gym with certain goals such as weight-loss, muscle building etc.

Time to roll-out my 12 tips for a regular exercise!

What better reason you can think when asked what is stopping you from doing a little exercise every day?

If you’re able to grasp it, then learn to reform it by assisting yourself with the following tips.

1) A Fitness Enthusiast has something to say!

If you aren’t eager for exercise, you probably haven’t found your motivation yet. Ask what people have to say about how they manage to stick to their healthy routine. Don’t ignore the words of wisdom!

2) Read, browse, listen, watch! Find your own motivational pull!

A pull that worked for me was a fight-sequence that involved stunts with a heart-pumping background score. Impressed by it, I chose skipping very next day as it is the only exercise that involves moderate exertion and is confined to a small space.


https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A4-Poster-EXERCISE-Some-Motivation-Required-Picture-Print-T-Rex-Dinosaur-/221978271231So spend time in finding out your own ‘Motivational Pull’ but what matters is you find one!

3) The hardest thing to do is to begin!

Trust me! Start with anything, in my opinion with skipping. Do it consistently for 15 to 20 days, and soon you will reveal a subconscious urge being developed inside you to an extent that you no longer need any kind of motivation.

4) Find the right beat! Plug-in, Play it, Feel it!


The only thing that kept me going when I started was music. Invest in iPod or an MP3 player or buy yourself armband for smartphone and make it your workout companion. Give a push to yourself by tuning into some heart-pumping beats! 

5) Exercise, if the workout is making you tired!

Workout demands a great level of dedication and time to keep it regular, but, at the same time, is quite exhaustive in nature.

Tethered to hectic schedules we find nirvana in skipping today’s workout. Another day, another reason and that’s it! The third day will see all your enthusiasm for workout being drained. So why not choose any whole-body exercise which is not too tiresome but will surely break out little sweat in you.

6) Private transport vs Public transport!


Sounds like school learning, yet worth recalling. One of the best ways to slip exercise into the routine is to utilise public transport. Pooling people into one vehicle not only reduces the number of vehicles on road but taking a public transport often is accompanied by little jogging.

7) Shuffle through your exercises!

I consciously shuffle between skipping, running and a long walk to avoid procrastination and to keep up with the habit. If I had done skipping three days in a row, I will choose running for the fourth day or maybe a long brisk walk in the evening.

8) One, two…but not three!

It’s perfectly alright if you are unable to exercise for a day, but remember if you avoid exercise for two days in a row, the willingness to exercise will be greatly dissolved on the third day. So try to overcome the evil of procrastination as much as possible.

9) Time is an illusion!

I think it doesn’t matter much what time of the day you choose for exercise. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re an early morning person, but even evenings can be a fair-time.

When I started I used to exercise in the morning, then I switched to evening and sometimes at night. It doesn’t bother me at all when people spotted me on the terrace as a dark figure doing rigorous skips while they were on their post-dinner walk.

Just make sure there is enough time gap between your afternoon meal and exercise, say at least three hours.

10) Learn to fool your Mind!

Our mind gets lazy over the time and we subconsciously hunt ways to avoid exercise. Don’t abstain yourself from falling into the trap of your thoughts but learn to fool your mind so as to go on with your health practice.

11) Don’t make it too much exhaustive!

Many people exercise in such an exhausting manner that they lose all their energy as well as their intensity for a next day exercise.

I believe exercise shouldn’t leave you in exhaustion, unless its any sports activity or a workout, but should elevate or refresh your mood.

12) Exercise is a stress buster!

If you’re worn out through the day or you had a bad day you might stress on avoiding the exercise for a day.                                                                                            


Mark my Words! Stress, in scientific terms, is a contraction of your cranial blood vessels. An exercise makes your heart pump faster than the usual and to accommodate the incoming blood pressure, the blood vessels including cranial nerves dilates i.e. relaxes, eventually release the pressure inside your head along with the stress.


Final word!

Hope I somewhat reshaped your thoughts on a regular exercise. If I do I am absolutely glad about it. I still insist you comment down your opinions, your ideas about what better we can do for a healthy routine.


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