Mechanicals has his Robot delivered anonymously to Sultan’s Palace. Sultan assumes it is sent by one of his admirers.

The Robot is a shiny moulded metal with sharp curves, has a squared-face and wheels for movement.

As soon as the Robot is turned on, it generates a whirling spiral inside his metal eyes.

The Robot gets closer to Sultan and leans to make an eye-contact. Sultan unable to resist its action is forced to see in its eyes till he himself reflects the spirals in his eyes.

Now the Sultan is no more on his own but has his thoughts and actions in complete control of the Robot. The Sultan is hypnotised!

Alladin, Jasmine, Abu, Iago and Jeanie, sitting atop Kaalin, the magic carpet, return to Palace from the two-day visit to the flourishing Oasis of Davur.

Sultan is eager to introduce to all his unexpected gift, the Robot. Jasmine learns quickly the unusualness in Sultan’s behaviour.

The Robot finds his new targets. Everybody senses the threat in the activities of Robot. Jasmine attempts to explain to Sultan that there is something wrong with the Robot, unaware that Sultan is in complete control of it.

Noticing that Alladin and others are spying on its behaviour, the Robot starts to hypnotise them one-by-one. What is seen next is everybody in the Palace, including guards, has spirals in their eyes, and are obeying the order to sweep in and around the Palace, in order to make sure that the Palace is neatly clean and tidy before the arrival of the Master, the Neat-freak.

The gates of the Palace are slammed open and enters a cart made of full mechanical parts. The cart has a central space, a red velvety cushioned seat, over which was sitting a skinny man wearing a red toga with a white sash. His right eye is replaced by a cybernetic telescopic prosthesis.

Everybody inside Palace bows down before him without actually seeing his face.


As soon as Aladdin rises a bit to see his guest, he quickly loses the spirals in his eyes and shouts in astonishment. “It’s Mechanicles!” 

Witnessing the reverberance in Aladdin’s behaviour, Robot quickly makes a move, and make him fall into the trap of its spirals again. Aladdin once again loses himself!

Mechanicals feels proud of his invention. All he sees is the people, whom he hated so much, now on their knees before him. The only two that remains unaffected by Robot’s hypnotic-induce were Jeanie and Kaalin. It seems the Robot’s act can only affect the human and animal-forms and not the magical creatures.


Even Jeanie is forced to kneel before Mechanicles by the order of Aladdin, but Kaalin steps out. Jeanie loses his temper. He lifts Aladdin, and in a blink of an eye, and with a swish he takes Aladdin high up into the sky, blasting through the clouds, into the outer space. Kaalin follows!

Jeanie drops Aladdin over Kaalin to rest. The three of them are now being surrounded by the dark silence of space, far above then one can imagine.


Alladin becomes angry at Jeanie’s abrupt act. Jeanie shows strong rejection of Aladdin’s words, No sign of apology. Aladdin considers Jeanie’s behaviour is out of his jealousy toward the Robot.


Jeanie explains that he can do far better things than the Robot can do, and in the process, he creates a similar spirals in his eyes. Aladdin while staring into Jeanie’s spirals loses himself for a while. Seeing this Jeanie stops his act, breaking Aladdin’s concentration.

Aladdin gets dizzy for the moment but eventually return to normal in a while with complete control over self.


Aladdin now urges Jeanie to take him down quickly so they can help everyone in the Palace. Seeing Aladdin in normal behaviour, Jeanie bursts into excitement…!

You might be wondering why this particular episode from the epic ‘Arabian Nights’? And why I ended so abruptly?

I remember this episode every time I find myself helpless and wandering in my thoughts. This episode was the epitome of the bond of love shared between Aladdin and Jeanie. The episode embraces their relationship as friends.


I don’t remember Alladin as a movie much. Just rough memories, and the end that disappoints! Aladdin frees Jeanie from slavery to live the life of self-mastery.

I mean why? He could have ordered Jeanie to stay with him forever! But what I as a child failed to sense at that moment was the generosity behind Aladdin’s decision, an attribute of a beautiful heart.

The fact is we all struggle! Each one of us is fighting battles within, and then, we over the time get accustomed to the setbacks, that seemed unacceptable at first. In short, we learn to live in vain!

I wish we all had an intimate friend, like Jeanie, in our life, at least inside our head! The one whose intimacy would help us shake off the unwanted thoughts.

A companion who would pull us off from our sufferings, our wrong-doings, and in a swish, could take us out into space, and tells, “See, I told you! You are far above than your troubles!”

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