Shawarma, an Arabian delicacy, has crossed its Levantine frontiers and reached almost every street in the world including India.


There were this piled slices of food of roughly same sizes being grilled to red on a vertical rotating bar, a few inches in front of heating coils, which all together can spice up your senses the moment it comes in sight.

It took little interaction to learn that they were piled meat of chicken or mutton, and another round of it to understand the interesting process of shaving it off while in the rotation to serve in a plate either with little veggies or made into wraps.


Wraps make perfect Shawarmas to me. Thinly shaved off meats are added over the medium thick, puffed precisely, bread called Pita bread or simply Pita. The slices of meat are made creamy with toppings such as Tahini or Hummus, which are a sort of white sauces made from mashed chickpeas and blended with Sesame oil, that’s Tahini by the way, or Olive oil.

Aurangabad has picked many things from the history. Naan Qalia and Tahiri, that offer the taste of Mughlai or Hyderabadi cuisine, defines Aurangabad’s delicacies. So how this Shawarma found its place in a city which is a pleasant blend of different religions and sentiments.


It’s a matter of fillings. The Hummus or the Tahini relies on the counterpart being topped over Pita to decide its going to be called as Veg. Shawarma or a Non-Vegetarian one. What if the meat is substituted by Tandoori Panner, Falafel etc,.

For those in love with spiced-up Paneer delicacies, Tandoori Paneer Shawarma makes a perfect treat to their taste. The bite of Tandoori Panner topped with a thick creamy Hummus sauce and wrapped in a soft Pita bread will surely soothe your senses towards food.

For now, I can suggest two fine-dines for the authentic bite of Shawarmas in Aurangabad. One is Maroosh in Prozone mall and the other is the Shalimar Hotel located near Kat-Kat gate.

Even Avengers love Shawarma! For those who left the theatres early during ‘The Avengers’, there is a post-credit scene of Avengers having a lousy bite of Shawarma. Take a look The Avengers – Shawarma Post-credit scene.

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