Chip: Electric Circuit!

RAM: Electric what???

Chip: I said Electric circuit.

RAM: Oh, yaa I know.

Chip: You know, what?

RAM: Well! Electric circuit is something through which something flows down.

Chip: Thanks!!! You nailed it. Well, that something is called the Conductor, and its the Conductor through which the other something, that is, the Electric Current flows down.

RAM: Whats the Conductor do?

Chip: Aaaaaa, well, it conducts! Isn’t that enough?

RAM: Why Conductor conducts?

Chip: You got me this time. You see, Conductor conducts because it has something in it that makes it a Good Conductor.

RAM: Annnnnnnd what is that?

Chip: You probably know that every matter in the Universe including us is made of tiny, particles called Atoms.

RAM: Yup, So???

Chip: Well! It’s the Electrons, one of three sub-atomic particles of an Atom, that runs through the Conductor in the form of Electric Current, and before you poke me with another set of questions that, if everything is made of Atoms, why on earth, everything conducts?

Having an Atom is not enough, the Electrons present in the Atom should be free to move. A piece of wood is made up of Atoms too, but it lacks free Electrons and thus does not allow the current to flow through it.

RAM: Burrrp! Sorry! Yaa! Free Electrons, a source of energy aaaannnd….what else?

Chip: An unbroken path, and down it goes, swisshhhh! But beware! creating such Simple Circuits is never recommended.

RAM: Why?

Chip: Husssssh! I hope this is the last explanation of our conversation, how rhyming. You see, such simple circuits can turn into a short circuit, as such circuits create the shortest electric path, which could turn into, heating up of the wire and making the battery, if you are using one, to lose it energy in a very short span of time.

RAM: Annnnddd….

Chip: Shut-up!

Learn more about Electricity!

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