I woke up all of a sudden! Wohhh! What a nightmare! ‘All eyes glued to a Kindle, and no sign of books’.

No man! Let it just be a nightmare.

The Kindle Guys – Of-course I cannot ignore the fact that there are a bunch of readers who have accepted the Kindle devices wholeheartedly, and they promptly demand books in Kindle format and not paperbacks.

I am not much into novel reading, but I love reading Encyclopedias and other Science books. Of course, Kindle won’t be able to share this space for reasons such as colorful pictures. But this is where iBooks, iPads showed up.

…and there are iPads – If you just come out of the dull, black and calm world of Kindle, you will iPads that has taken the experience of reading books to a whole new level.

So now I may need to create a pie chart or a statistical data, which I won’t coz I am bad in Maths, to highlight those scattered group of people who still loves the papery smell and will stand for Paperbooks all the time.

Until recycling of Paper is functioning properly…books will never lose the market.

Books or Kindle? – There is still a lot of psychologies lying around. People even though has Kindle in their backpacks, won’t hesitate to buy a book. I just understood one thing quite well, people who have grown up reading books are quite reluctant to read on Kindle devices, but if we just hand over a Kindle to a child as his/her first reading thing, he or she will surely find more inclination towards Kindle than books.

Source: Quora

One thought on “Will Kindle devices replace the habit of reading books in the future?

  1. I agree kindle may replace paperbacks in a few times during travelling and meetings and so on, but I disagree that a child would read kindle if that’s introduced to him/her because it would still be under the parental wing and they would rather buy the kid a book than expose it to technology further.


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