Kelvin 77 entered Aurangabad, and everybody was talking about it.

Image Source: Kelvin77

“LOL! Coz’ they got Ice-Creams! They created a buzz not because they “Scooped” some really tasty Ice-Creams, but because “They don’t scoop at all!”

Enter the shop and you will come across an ‘Ice-Cream making process’ that is “noisily” fascinating?”

“Have you ever been to any Ice-Cream shop for some peaceful conversations, but ended up watching how that guy is chopping and chopping and smashing all your ice-cream recipe into a rolled one?”

Image Source: Kelvin77

“Tada!!! Meet the Rolled Ice-Cream! And it is lip-smackingly delicious!

Some of my favourite rolled ice-creams there are ‘Oreo Nutella Chocoholic Ice-Cream, Rajbhog dry fruits Ice-Cream and Shahi Paan Ice-Cream!’

I love the place for another great reason! The walls there are literally a “Hall of Fame” as they all are covered with large pictures of Great People and their Quotes.

An Ice-Cream that makes Noise!

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