“I got some really cool moves to show.” “Ok, this looks perfect!” “That’s so inspiring.” “I learned something new, let’s make it appealing, so I can share it with all.” You see I got enough reasons to bring myself up to My YouTube channel.

Being a bit ‘Self-centered’ I just love the process of capturing myself into frames. But over the time I discovered some really cool video-editing tools that made the process even more engrossing. I started to push myself to bring up the content, that inspired me, to my channel but in a lot better manner.

Making a Good video is not just about ‘What you do!’ But its more about ‘How you do!’

While watching any of my favourite movies, there are always one or many moves, emotions etc., that kept my eyes glued to the screen. Ok, this is what I feel worth sharing. But how? Let’s trim that part precisely, and all the other best parts. Join them altogether. Find a tune that can make all the trimmed clips sound even more lively, and finally add effects as a final touch up.

So you see, all I am trying to show on my channel are not just cut and joined clips, but sub-clips that has been thoroughly aligned with precise beats and molded into a final product of entertainment.
I have a passion for Science communication too. Being a part of a school made me realize that there can be a lot better ways to teach the already taught. So this hints what I am up to now. I am exploring all the possibilities of making Science videos.

To start something even before you’re ready for it, can sometimes make you feel stupid! Doesn’t matter! I went on with my stupidity and made my first ever science video that can explain my amateur Power-point presentation skills turned into videos. I named it as Why on Earth?

Now let me keep you on hold for now. If you like my work, do hit the Subscribe button, else wait for something better!

Till then, Keep Learning, Enjoy Working!


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