I bought DSLR so I can picture the stories of this historical city. It was the time when I wandered the streets of Aurangabad (which I still do) with a backpack, and a zeal to shot the essence of a city that has its roots deep down into the history.

There is this lake called Salim Ali Lake in Aurangabad named after the famous Ornithologist Dr.Salim Ali.

Image Source: Lokmat

The place is an abode to many Migratory birds.

It was open to the public for a brief period of time and got closed. No big reason, just the same old habit of an ignorant Indian. Always ready to litter, dumping their waste everywhere other than into Dustbin, and spitting all their way. So it’s obvious how they can spare this beautiful place!


Inside if you visit there is this house made of logs, and a Banner as shown below of names and pictures of all the birds that migrate there during the particular season.


This was the moment when I realized How important is Salim Ali lake for Aurangabad. Its beauty must be protected. And to do this, it’s better that this place remains disconnected from the outside world.

So how do I trespassed on the grounds of Salim Ali Lake?

There was a garden right next to the lake separated by a high wall.

You can expect me to climb that high wall in order to reach the location where I can capture the sunset.

Climbing the wall was not a big deal, but jumping on the other side was. So I climbed the wall and started walking over it till the end where the land was little elevated and closer to the wall. Ok, this was the weirdest part. I was walking over and people were staring me like I am a sort of thief, with a backpack and a DSLR. LOL!

Finally, I reached the place. It was just beside the lake. The place was bushy and was covered by overgrown grass.

Now I have another job to do apart from taking a shot, and that is to make sure I don’t get bitten by any snake nearby while taking the shot.

Capturing this beautiful Sunset though came at a cost of little risk, but I think it was worth.


After taking a satisfactory number of shots I was supposed to take the same route back, though the path was dimly lit this time.

Out for now. I will keep posting more such tales from my Travel diaries. Till then, Keep Hiking!

5 thoughts on “When I trespassed on the grounds of Salim Ali Lake of Aurangabad!

  1. Hahaha when people were looking at you walking over the wall, that was funny. Also I think the lake should be open but with strict rules and disciplines so that anyone caught disrupting the environment should be penalized immediately.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Vipin! I am glad that you liked my article. And yaa it was just in the Yesterday’s newspaper that people were demanding to declare Salim Ali as the heritage site for its variety of flora and fauna. So yaa, The Aurangabad Municipality will have to work really hard to maintain the place as its difficult to control certain audience of Aurangabad.

      Liked by 1 person

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