I was on a hunt to taste something unique in the town. There was this shop serving Dosas and Bakery stuff. The two ladies were busy preparing Bakery items and attending, if any, immediate orders of Dosas, Puff, Samosas…and Chocolate Pani-Puri…simultaneously!

I found what I was looking for…something unusual…something like sprinkled choco powder over the tangy liquid-filled Pani-Puri, and with a thin line of Choco-syrup to complete the preparation. Mmmmm!!!


“Meet the Chocolate Pani-Puri!”

I asked to serve one plate of Chocolate Pani-Puri. To which the lady insisted to try a single piece of the preparation before.

Wohhh! She was honest enough to let me aware of the doubt she had about her preparation.

It took more than five minutes for her to prepare a single piece of Pani-Puri.


Coming to the taste. The mix of tangy liquid and chocolate…hmmmm! Like I said before, this was unusual…and…unfortunately not-so-good in taste but…

I just ignored the “not-so-good” part, and carried on with the “unusual” asking for one complete plate of it by stressing that it was something…unusual…in taste.

A tiny lie and I felt great about it…cheers to the lady’s honesty and 5-minute effort!

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