The Event is on! The movement has begun! Millions have signed up to join the event of raiding the Area 51. Are you aware of the secrets the Area 51 holds within? No!!! Great! Neither do I?

But there are conspiracies, theories trending rigorously outside the boundaries of Area 51. So what’s the conspiracy?

Commonly known as Area 51, it’s the United States Air-force facility located at the Groom Lake in Southern Nevada. The area is considered to be Highly Classified Remote Detachment military facility administered by Edwards Air Force Base in California.

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The area is highly guarded with 24 hours Surveillance system. It’s not accessible to public at all. Even the officials and other staff working in Area 51 takes the Air route to get in and out of the Base. Well, this seems like a usual story of any Military Base, you might be wondering What’s the Conspiracy here?

It is believed that it all started in 1989. Rober Lazar, also known as “Bob” claimed that it was the year when he got his hands on the Extraterrestrial Technology hidden inside the Area 51.

Lazar revealed on the Las Vegas Television that he saw Autopsy photographs of Aliens inside the facility. Also, he told that the U.S. Government is holding the facility to examine the recovered Alien Spacecrafts. The claim don’t just stop at Lazar. Even people have reported of spotting the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in or near Area 51.

Although the primary purpose of the existence of the base is publicly unknown, it is most likely involved in the development and testing of Aircraft and Weapons.

The facility was even Censored from Google Maps until…

A request was filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in 2005. As an acknowledgement of the request, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) made the existence of Area 51 publicly known on 25 June 2013.

The area was even censored from satellite imaginary, but as of 2018 the Area 51 is visible on Google MAPS.

What’s still unclear…is the current research going on inside the facility and neither the U.S. Government want to reveal it. But there is something bigger idea that has to be known, and that is why is it named as Area 51?

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