Strolling down the streets of Mumbai I came across a hawker cart. It had a drum-like container and a small weighing balance arranged over the cart. 

The arrangement was quite familiar, and I quickly picked it up as one of my childhood memories during summer vacationing in Mumbai. I recalled they sell ice creams! You might say ok, what’s the big deal? 

The deal is that they slice out the ordered quantity of ice cream over a butter paper, and measure it over a beam balance. No scooping, chopping or melting over a hot chocolate, just slicing, and I loved the idea!

These hawkers are hard to spot! In Mumbai, they take up a tiny space probably over the roadsides of prime locations, or near the railway station premises.

I had my slice of ice cream, which was Raspberry! They don’t sell much fancy flavours but just a few recipes made of 100% cream. Again, why am I bringing this up over the internet! Coz’ it’s free! And I am quite content by the free plan of WordPress (But I promise the day of Upgrade is near). 

No, but, seriously, slicing a 100 gm ice cream made of pure cream, just for 30 rupees, that too on the streets of Mumbai is damn cheap! And it isn’t just about paying less and getting more, the taste was so heart-melting, and fulfilling that I asked for how I can help him to spread a word about his tasty ice cream. 

I asked if he is there on Zomato, but then I just laughed in disappointment because Zomato doesn’t let hawkers, or hawkers, into their space, (or if they do please let me know in the comment section).

Often we walk into the branded or any other fancy outlets of ice cream, take over the couch inside air-conditioned rooms and pay at least 100 rupees over the brand value, and of course for the taste, but then there are these hawkers who come out only during nights and count money far less than they deserve.

So before leaving I snapped a photo of him along with his cart, shared my number with him in a hope that I would be able to bring his taste up over the Zomato, and a promise that if I visit Borivali again I will surely visit him.

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