Imagine some kind of ripples moving through the space much like the waves created over the surface of a stagnant water body. What if these ripples are energy surges penetrating the spacetime. Does such energy waves really exist? What could be the source of such energy?

Albert Einstein was the first to put forth the idea of the existence of ripples in space in his General Theory of Relativity. These ripples propagate in the form of undulating waves in spacetime and are believed to originate from an accelerating massive body such a colossal star or probably from a black hole. He called these ripples of energy as Gravitational waves.

COSMIC SHAKE-UP: Colliding black holes send ripples through spacetime that can be detected on Earth. Photo by Nicolle Rager Fuller on

In 2015, that’s nearly 100 years after Einstein proposed the idea of the existence of Gravitational waves, a team at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) confirmed Einstein’s hypothesis by measuring the gravitational waves arising out of the merging of two Black Holes . The Advanced LIGO made the detection of Gravitational waves possible with the help of detectors located in Louisiana and Washington!

More recently, we took a giant leap in the field of Space Research by Imaging (photographing) the Black Hole with the help of Event Horizon Telescope.


How does a Black Hole form?

Ever wondered what happens when a star nears its end? All stars die, and eventually – in about 5 billion years – our very own star, the sun will, too! It is said that at the end of its 5 billion years the sun will swell into a red giant, swallow Earth, and eventually die off into a small white dwarf.

As mentioned above, all stars die, but the ones which are massive in size, when reaches the end of their life, implode or collapses upon itself, causing the core of the star to get pressed into a tiny space, forming a black hole.

The consequence of the collapse, results into a Supernova, or an exploding star, blasting the outer layer of the star into space.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Thus, what we call Black Hole isn’t just a dark space but an enormous amount of matter compressed into a small space. It is this squeezing of a large amount of matter into a tiny space that creates an intense gravitational pull around its center.

The gravitational pull of a Black Hole is so strong that even the light is not able to escape out of it, thus making it appear like a Black body, or simply a Black Hole. 

Photo by NASA/CXC/M.Weiss 

Now, what if I insist you run into your imagination and take a leap into the future where you reach and accidentally fall into the nearest Black Hole of our Solar System?

“Will you survive the pull of a Black hole?”

Research claims that even the mass-less Subatomic particles are not able to get out of the pull of a Black Hole. So what if yourself getting pulled by the one? Thankfully Einstein’s research on Space and Time has an answer to this.  

Imagine yourself on a Space Expedition, where your spacewalk brings you closer to a Black Hole. Once you get into the gravitational pull of that Black Hole you will experience the same amount of pull you feel when you get into the Earth’s gravitational field. It means you will be moving at a steady rate towards the Black Hole until you reach the Event Horizon that alarms the beginning of the trouble. 

An Event Horizon is like a Boundary around the Black Hole from which nothing can escape, and it’s a region where the gravitational Pull of Black Hole is tremendously high. 

As you get near the Event Horizon, you will experience the difference in the gravitational pull. Let’s say you’re moving down with your feet first. In this case, the gravitational pull acting on your feet will be greater as it is near to the center of the Black Hole than the upper body part. 


The strong gravitational pull will stretch, elongate and eventually torn your lower body apart from the upper. What reaches below the event Event Horizon is your torn body parts. 

Far away from the Event Horizon, the observer may notice that the time has come to stand still at the Event Horizon but what you, or maybe your torn body parts, are experiencing is that you keep moving down the Black Hole to a Point where you just move around the center till you get turned into ashes. Thus, making you be a Singularity with Black Hole.

Stephen Hawking believed that a Black Hole is a gateway to the new world. But the fact is, Black Hole is a matter, compressed into a small space. Thus, what enters into it will stay into it forever. 

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