“They are the most rough drivers on roads, and probably, the major reason behind road accidents taking place on highways every day.” This is where they find themselves in today’s so-called developing nation. They are, the truck drivers of India, which in true sense are the backbone of Indian economy. Unfortunately, today, they are one of the most exploited members of society.

Kantar IMRB, a Mumbai-based market-research firm, in collaboration with Castrol India, covered as many as 1000 truck drivers under a month-long research in order to understand the health problems they face while driving, which found linked directly to their work conditions.

In their not-so-good yet time-bound journeys, there is one question that we all, being a fellow citizen of India, must raise. “Are these people getting a fair share of their hours and hours of turmoil?”


In the process of uncovering the lives and struggle of these people, I felt wretched to learn what it takes to be a truck driver in India.

A truck driver in India spends most of his life behind wheels. The cabin they share with one or more co-passenger is undeniably their second home. They cook, eat and sleep inside their cabin only. Maybe that’s the reason the Indian truck drivers decorate their trucks so much.

Image taken from motorindiaonline.in

Well, the worst thing about their work is that every truck driver survives his strenuous schedule by getting addicted to one or more drugs. They say they have to otherwise it gets difficult for them to drive in nights.

It doesn’t really matter how bad the weather breaks in, they must accelerate throughout their way to ensure the timely delivery of goods.

Seen inside the cabin is Tabassum Ali! Probably the first lady in India to drive such a Monster! (Image by Tribhuvan Tiwari on outlookindia.com

Whether they are crossing a toll or entering into any city, a truck driver always becomes the subject of suspicion by local police officers. Just because few commit a crime, the whole community has to bear all sorts of legal-illegal claims imposed upon them, and the fact cannot be denied that some police officers actually take advantage of their situation and somehow manage to extract money from them.

Driving behind the Hope!

Image taken from outlookindia.com

Why would someone take up such a back-breaking job! It’s a work that keeps them apart from their friends and family, only to put them behind the wheels and set about a sleepless drive everyday without paying attention to their health!

Well, someone has to get going! Someone must take the responsibility to deliver goods on time. It an obligatory profession for years to come, but certainly there is a hope that can add value to their lives. A little awareness might be the right thing to start with.

Innovative ideas by social entrepreneurs focusing on the Ergonomics of their place, Government initiatives, altogether can bring a significant difference into their lives. We can expect these fellow members of the society, the so-called truck drivers of India living a better and healthy life!


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