I am a Science and Environment Blogger!

I wrote my first article somewhere in 2016, but that was a professional write-up. It is when I was figuring out what blog is, and how it works!

Having the curiosity to explore and communicate, I published my first article on Blogger, a Blog-publishing platform provided by Google.

Choosing a perfect name for your first blog, figuring out what theme works best for your content is something that eats a big chunk of time. I guess the experience is quite painful and relatable!

In 2003, Google bought a Social Media Platform called Google+, and updated it as one of Google Apps alongside Blogger. Having chosen the groups and communities of your choice on Google+, every article published on Blogger would go visible on Google+, and unfortunately, on Google+ only. Sharing on other Social Media platforms would require doing it manually for each platform.

In April 2019, Google bid adieu to Google+, eventually making Blogger devoid of its very own social platform, and of course the traffic coming from it.

Blogger works best…

When you’re a newbie, and you just want to get started with your idea, thought or maybe a story. It’s much like a personal diary that you write online, so you can share it as and when required.

Blogger is limited by…

Features and Themes! You can’t play much with your content on Blogger. Additionally, if you are blogging to make money or to build a brand, then it’s better to switch to WordPress. The fact is in spite of recently added SEO features, Blogger still lacks SEO optimization. What does this mean? It means the article on Blogger doesn’t get ranked easily in Google’s Search Index.

So, I would better sum up Blogger as an ideal platform, if you are intending nothing other than just writing your thoughts and ideas. But, but! If you have something passionate to share about, something that is helpful and can make a difference, you better start with WordPress for better reach and visibility.

Why WordPress?

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The best thing about WordPress, that you will absolutely miss on Blogger, is having complete control over your blog. Technically, WordPress gives you total freedom in terms of customization for your blog.

But before you jump into the search window, and start looking for WordPress, I must tell you that there are two WordPress sites, and you need one of them to start your Blog!

One is WordPress.org, and the other is WordPress.com. So, which one works best for Blogging?

According to Bill Widmer, “The key difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who’s actually hosting your website. With WordPress.org, you host your own site. With WordPress.com, on the other hand, it’s WordPress.com that takes care of all of this for you (easier to start, less freedom). And that’s a major difference.”

If your idea is to just get started with writing, without any hosting or maintenance effort, WordPress.com is your ideal site. WordPress.com helps you see stats of every article and of overall articles, published. Thus, by looking at the stats, if you get to know that you’re blog is getting views, and traffic, you can think of upgrading to a Premium plan, to turn-on the features such as Monetization, Unlimited themes, Hosting, Domain, etc.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google Web Spam team, himself prefers WordPress platform for his personal blog, though he specified that Blogger works best for new users as it’s very simple to get started. He added that for casual blogging, Blogger is fantastic.

Looking for a device that works best for blogging/writing? Consider reading my article in the above link that covers a quick-short comparison between Netbook, Notebook and iPad!

Final Word

WordPress platform always gets a thumbs up over the Blogger platform. No worries if you have already published articles on Blogger. You can always move your content on WordPress with just a few clicks.

Your Blogger platform gives you an option to export all your articles and save it on your hard disk. Once done, you can simply import the file, and eventually, all your Blogger data on WordPress.

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