The school unlike other schools in Aurangabad was privileged to get a small space in the Jail premises. 

Just around the school is a ‘Police ground’ where outsiders are prohibited. Still chit-chatters, joggers, including me, manage to intrude into the premises. 

Often passing by this school I would ponder over the bizarre condition of the school. Broken desks, walls painted with cartoons, by someone with poor drawing skills, yet it hopefully works to amuse the kids.

Standing in front of the school, I tried making myself feel pity about everything. Ok, let’s talk about inequality! Come-on, go ahead, nobody is listening to you. What about the fair-share of quality education that every child deserves. The school was no match when compared with the rest of the schools in the city.

Ideally I would be a critic in action, but I denied every possible thought, and focused on one sound idea, and that is sometimes ‘hope’ can take up the most bizarre-shape we could ever imagine!

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