I don’t think iPad an an alternative to anything! It’s an entirely unique, and a great device, that does most of the work we rely on different devices to get done!

It’s a good substitute for Docs!

Browse iWork documents on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Image taken from Apple. Support
iMovie - Official Apple Support

iMovie and other video editing apps on App Store can get your editing tasks done on-the-go!

But when it comes to substitute for the Paper! It’s good to save trees! Just Kidding…may be I am not!

Though Retina display, and the recently rolled-out Super-retina display iPads, offer superb reading experience, there is still that papery smell that we miss out the most when reading on iPads!

But, you never know, the future iPads might give out that papery fragrance as well! Till then, let’s just not fall into comparing Paper with iPads!

iPads are superb as a reading device, but for a short-period of time! The LED display on any device including iPads always cause strain in the eyes when viewed for a longer time.

10 tips for computer eye strain relief
Image taken from AAV

May be Kindle with e-ink displays are a better substitute for LED displays as they cause no harm to the eyes. But people in love with real books still exist, and they simply love to have their favorite books stacked in the shelves, irrespective of whether they read it on iPad or on Kindle!

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