It’s Solar energy after all! Free, Renewable and Environmental-friendly. Isn’t that convincing enough? Look at the Government! They are already committed to International Treaties and Panels for Climate Change for cutting down their Carbon footprint. One of the crucial policies raised by the Government of India under the National Action Plan on Climate Change was National Solar Mission.

Not many are aware that the Government of India is one of the few nations in the world that is making some serious moves towards achieving its Clean Energy Mission. National Solar Mission is one of their milestones setting events inaugurated on 11 Jan 2010 by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and is initiated to promote the Solar Power.

They started with a target of generating around 20 GigaWatts (GW) of Renewable Energy by 2022. The number was later revised to 100 GW under the Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015’s Union Budget of India.

Now, apart from the Government’s target of achieving that Gigawatts of energy number, we as an individual can step-in and make a significant contribution by substituting conventional source of energy with solar energy. So, here are the top 10 reasons to Go Solar!

1) Protecting the environment

Environment Protection should be the primary reason why everyone must choose Solar over the conventional non-renewable source of energy. Adopting Solar technologies not only helps in minimizing the environmental problems such as Global warming/climate change but it helps in alleviating health problems that arise due to carbon emissions.

A regular household solar system is expected to cut down nearly 10 kilograms of carbon emission daily, that’s almost 4 tons a year- which is equivalent of planting nearly 100 trees a year.


Looking at the initial investment cost in installing the Solar systems, many of us still prefer to not make that investment. But this is where we need to have a focus on one term, and that is “investment” which in long run will help you cut down your electricity bill charges, eventually saving a lot of money.

Whether you own a house, a shop, or maybe in a rented apartment, having a solar source of electricity will add a lot of economic value to your property. Investing in Solar is surely the wisest decision you will ever make and can expect the returns for no less than 25+ years of the lifecycle.

3) Solar energy is made to work round the clock

There is a widespread misconception that solar power works only till there is a sunny sky. However, the fact is the Solar system providers will install a battery-back system along with the Solar panels. This will help store power that you can use in case of emergencies. Additionally, most of the providers these days will get you connected to the grid-line so you don’t have to worry about the power outage at night.

4) Solar systems are heavily SUBSIDIZED

In addition to great savings from reduced energy costs, state governments provide a great amount of tax benefit on solar systems so that purchasing a solar system is bundled with a subsidy of 30%.

5) Low maintenance

Although an array of the solar system does require some maintenance and periodic cleaning in order to function at full efficiency, there is literally very low maintenance for Solar systems, thus keeping you away from all worries of breakdown.

6) Stability in Energy costs

One of the most financially crunching reasons for every property owner is the electricity costs, which has taken a rise of over 70 % in the last 8 to 10 years and is just not ready to slow down. But with solar, you can certainly and precisely predict the cost of your energy usage for more than 25 years, thus, giving peace of mind from worries of Electricity budget.

7) Ease of Installation

Having no moving parts is one of the most important reasons for the durability of the Solar system. Apart from this, the installation of Solar systems is a matter of only a few numbers of bolts to hold the system securely.

8) It’s solar energy after all!

What’s could be better than having an electricity generation system that is absolutely free, renewable, clean and durable with long term benefits.

9) Create Employment and Business opportunities in Clean Energy

Solar technologies are expected to create a lot of jobs in the near future. Also, start-up and capitalists looking to work into energy and environment sector can invest in Solar to help the government achieve a clean energy mission.

10) Solar is the future!

Adopting Solar technologies will always make you stand out from the rest. And looking at the rapidly declining fossil fuel reserves, it is an undeniable fact that Solar is the future!

So, being a responsible citizen, its time that we must give a thoughtful approach to energy consumption. “Going Solar” will not only make us do a significant and a valuable contribution to Government but it is a smart and the most strategic decision from the environmental point of view we can ever make!

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