Reading content over an electronic device has become a routine thing. But this inclination saw a steep rise amidst Lockdown, compelling more and more people to turn their eyes towards mobile and laptop screens to get the work done.

Every electronic device meant for reading has its own pros and cons. Electronic market is already flooding with a variety of devices, but understanding your needs and learning the features and limitations offered by every device will help you find your choice of device for reading.

But before you head-start looking for a perfect device for reading eBooks and PDF, it’s good to understand the difference between these two most popular formats, that runs on most of the electronic devices meant for reading. So here is a quick-short clarification of what is the difference between eBook and PDF document? PDF (Portable Document Format) is a document designed with an intention to be printed. eBooks are different from PDF in a way that they are meant to be read on eReaders and Tablet PCs.

Here is the most PREFERRED device for reading PDF Files and eBooks!

If reading an e-book is your sole purpose then there is no substitute for Amazon Kindle.

Kindle, a better e-reader – Amazon Kindle makes a perfect device for hours and hours of reading with no strain on the eyes. Thanks to its e-ink technology that gives a feel of very much like an ordinary paper reading except it don’t have that papery smell as its an electronic device!

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Or Maybe iPad – But maybe you just don’t need Kindle as its an “e-reader only” but something that works good for internet browsing, watching movies and of course e-book reading. So you are liable to choose between laptop and iPad only.

Why iPad could be your ideal choice of device for reading eBooks and PDF documents?

If the above is the case then go for iPad. iPad 7.9” with Retina display makes an ideal reading device. I own the 9.7” one and it’s also perfect for reading plus a bigger screen gives me the advantage to read and write simultaneously.

iPads now has the feature called ‘Nightshift’ that turn down the white LED display into a soothing yellow background for night reading.

Or Laptop – If you’re looking for a Windows device plus an e-reader as well, there are few detachable laptops where the screen can be detached to be used as a tablet but buying such device will involve either compromising with the performance or may cost very high.

Final word!

  • Only Reading – Amazon Kindle
  • More Reading, Less Writing – iPad
  • More Reading, More Writing – iPad with a physical keyboard
  • Less Reading, More Writing – Laptop

Source: Quora

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