amOL MiShRa foR Real!” is an honest attempt, and the best possible approach I came up with to bring out the real me!

I started writing because, I wanted to “Be Heard”, and probably it was the only choice I was left with. Although know-hows of writing remains my biggest hurdle, especially when I expect to see the writings rank high in Google’s Search Index, there was an opinion that helped me disregard everything, and focus on being true to self, and write the heart out.

So what all do I blog about?

I am a Lazy Environmentalist, with an inclination towards spreading awareness about Plastic Recycling, and Climate Change. Thing is I never fail to be an unusual face in the crowd, and whisper (No, I just can’t be loud) about how our unsustainable routine is damaging our very own ecosystem. You must trust me, the problem is worse than it appears.

I should have been a part of Awareness, and Beach Clean-up campaigns, but as I said, I am a Lazy Tree Hugger who just can’t stop speaking about Environment. So to get going with the thing, I decided to start with something I believe I am good at. Something that doesn’t let my audience wander!

Apart from being an eco-freak, I embrace Storytelling, writing Travel Tales and थोड़ा-बहोत SCIENCE!

So far, So Me!

I am a foodie! I enjoy talking to strangers, the good ones of course! I can dig a story from almost anything. That includes food too.

Gosh! I am tired of typing! My eyes are paining! Let me just step aside for a while. But you just stay right there. More stories are coming up.