What is the difference between eBook and PDF?

Difference between eBook and PDF.

PDFs are distinctively different from eBooks in every way, but the most immediate difference is that the PDF is, basically, a document designed and meant to be printed. eBooks, on the other hand, is a term heard often in combination with devices such as eReaders and tablet PCs.

5 Reasons Justifying Why Global Warming is an Inconvenient Truth

Not every creature on Earth can adapt to ever-changing climatic conditions. In fact, some species cannot tolerate even the slightest change in temperature. The one that received the most attention is the Polar bears, found either clinging to a diminishing iceberg or standing on one of many broken ice-sheets.

The “Only Patch of Nature” on the City Map!

It has a never ending rush of vehicles on either sides, with frequent honking, yet it’s one of the few “largely unspoiled” places in Aurangabad. Named after the great ornithologist, naturalist, and the "birdman of India" Salim Ali, Dr. Salim Ali Sarover is a rare and rich biodiversity spot within the city. Locked, and so…

There was something “bizarre” about that School!

The school unlike other schools in Aurangabad was privileged to get a small space in the Jail premises.  Just around the school is a ‘Police ground’ where outsiders are prohibited. Still chit-chatters, joggers, including me, manage to intrude into the premises.  Often passing by this school I would ponder over the bizarre condition of the…

Here is what the Plastic is made from! And it’s more tragic than Plastic pollution.

After using the plastic-like materials for millennia, mankind embarked on a quest of inventing a material that is chemically inert and can withstand the external factors such as heat, moisture, and microbial degradation of course well without compromising with the properties such as flexibility, strength, etc.

What if you fall into a Black Hole?

Once you get into the gravitational pull of that Black Hole you will experience the same amount of pull you feel when you get into the Earth’s gravitational field. It means you will be moving at a steady rate towards the Black Hole until you reach the Event Horizon that alarms the beginning of the trouble.

An Ice cream seller you will not find on Zomato!

No, but, seriously, slicing a 100 gm ice cream made of pure cream, just for 30 rupees, that too on the streets of Mumbai is damn cheap! And it isn’t just about paying less and getting more, the taste was so heart-melting, and fulfilling that I asked for how I can help him to spread a word about his tasty ice cream.

What Predictions did Kardeshev made about the Future of Energy?

what if I tell you that in the next hundred years, our civilisation will literally be leaping over the technological advancements to an extent where we will having a complete control over the natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms, etc, and can even reshape the weather conditions to suit our needs.